Ask the Husband of a Natural

In this interview I spoke with my husband about his life now that I'm natural.

What did you think when I first told you I wanted to go natural?

Well, I originally thought that you were going through another phase. I thought if I just wait it out you would eventually get a perm again.

What was your reaction to my BC?

I was angry that you cut all your hair off. You had promised not to ever cut your hair. I thought you looked like a boy. You were still fine though.

What is the worst part of having a natural wife?

At first it was the money; it cost a lot to buy all of the hair supplies. Then it was the time you spent doing your hair. Not to mention the water bill from all the washing it.

What is best part of having a natural wife?

We can do things together that we couldn't do before. Like what? We can go swimming, workout, and dance in the rain lol. Plus, being natural makes you feel good; when you feel good we all feel good!

Why would you pressure me to perm my hair (in the beginning)?

I like straight hair; it's what I was used to.

When did you begin to accept my natural hair?

I guess when it started to grow back. But, I really gained a new perspective when we watched the Chris Rock documentary "Good Hair." That's when I knew it was deeper than the issue of straight v. curly hair.

Any last remarks?
I was kind of a jerk when you went natural but, I love it now! I guess you can say you have re-trained me to appreciate the beauty of curly hair. I love you


  1. That was good. I like the honesty about him being angry and about the pressure to get a relaxer. Funny thing, my husband couldn't wait until I stopped getting relaxers but he didn't like that I cut my hair.

  2. Initally I dont think my husband liked the Big Chop. But I know he is feeling these curls now..hehehe