Recipes Unlimited

Here I will compile as many homemade recipes as I find. Making your own products not only saves money, but it gives you the freedom to decide exactly what you put in your hair. 

 Shine Gel (Great for shine and curl definition)
Let's Jam! 2 tbsp
Aloe Vera Gel 2 tbsp
Mix ingredients together. Use like any other styling gel. 
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Creamy Detangler
V05 Moisture Milk Conditioner 1 cup
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) 1/4 cup
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) 1/2 cup
Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Saturate the hair with the mixture. Put on a plastic cap for 25-30 minutes. Section the hair into four sections. Comb hair from tip to root for each section. You can use subsections if necessary.
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Amazing Whipped Shea Butter (This could be used as a pre-poo or as and an everyday moisturizer) 
Unrefined Shea Butter 4 heaped tablespoons
Pure Coconut Oil 1 heaped tablespoon
Almond Oil 1 tablespoon
Jojoba Oil 1 tablespoon
You could either melt the shea butter or mix without melting. Either way, combine all of the ingredients, and whisk until the mixture is super thick. Put it in the freezer until the top and sides become solid (5-10 minutes). Then whisk again until the mixture is whipped and smooth. If you're a sucker for smells, you could add some vanilla essence too ;) 
(Recipe Submitted by: @2LondonCurlies)

Brittle End Treatment (For those tattered and weathered ends)
Mayonnaise - 2 tablespoons 
Soy Sauce - 1 tablespoon
Mix ingredients together in a bowl. Saturate the ends of you hair with the mixture. Cover your hair with a plastic cap for 15 - 30 minutes. Co - wash and style as desired. 
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The Honey Treatment (This is good for softening and shine) 
Honey - 1 cup
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2 tablespoons
Mix ingredients together; apply to hair from roots to ends. Cover your hair with a plastic cap for 30 minutes . Rinse until water is clear. Co - wash and style as usual.
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The Carmel Treatment (This is good for loosening your curl pattern, and it gives you great shine)
Honey – 6 tablespoons
Olive Oil – 3 tablespoons
Coconut Oil - 3 tablespoons 
Bananas – 2-3 overripe and very soft
Molasses – 3 tablespoons
Water – 4-6 tablespoons
Apple Cider Vinegar – 1 tablespoon
Cornstarch – 1-2 tablespoons depending on how thick you want the mixture 
Wheat germ Oil – 1 teaspoon (or whatever essential oil of your choice)
Combine all of the ingredients (except the water). Put them in a blender for approximately 3-4 minutes. Pour mixture into a sauce pan and warm on medium heat until mixture begins to thicken. Add water as needed to get desired consistency. Cover entire head with the mixture. Cover your head with a plastic cap. Let sit for 1-2 hours. Co-wash, and style as desired.

Flax Seed Gel (Good substitute for styling gel)  
Water- 2 cups 
Flaxseeds - 1/4 cup
Almond Oil - 1/4 teaspoon
Ylang Ylang - 3 drops (or whatever essential oil you like)
Mix all of the ingredients together; style as desired 
(Recipe Submitted by: @Takesha1)