The High Cost of High End Products

Several months into my natural hair journey my husband commented on something that left me speechless. He said, "Your natural hair cost more than when you had a perm?" Now, it should be noted that my husband is the saver of the family, and he would notice something like that before anyone else would. But, that doesn't take away from his point. I was spending a small fortune on products. I bought everything that promised frizz-free, curl-defining, soft, shiny, hair! Most of the time I was satisfied with my purchases. The problem was, I didn't know how much longer I could remain natural. I was desperate to find a way.

My first breakthrough came when I read A. Dickey's Hair Rules. Through his book I finally understood which products were essential and which were simply not. Slowly, I began buying less expensive products. However, these products delivered the same results. I had arrived! Or so I thought...

My final breakthrough came when I stumbled upon the I found tried and true homemade recipes that worked wonderfully. Most of the ingredients I already had in my kitchen. These recipes worked, better than anything I had purchased in the store! (There is a list of homemade product recipes that I have collected and tried under the Recipes Unlimited tab) Another plus is that I know exactly what I am putting in my hair. Finally, my natural is not costing me a fortune, and I am having so much fun making new products. 


  1. Very well said! I've personally been taking an issue with this also. Honestly, I don't understand why natural hair products are so expensive.

    I went natural not only for the health of my hair, but to also save $$$ by doing my own hair, but it seems that with the increasing trend towards natural hair companies/individuals are charging more for products to compensate for the loss of sales on products catered towards maintaining chemically altered hair.

    Like yourself, I've been mixing some of my own products, but I'm also resisting the urge to buy all these new and super expensive products everyone is ranting and raving about, especially since I find those products tend not to do anything for my hair. I aim for products now that are now more than $15 per product.

  2. Cat-Eyes MD... Thank you for you comment!I think you have found a good solution to the price problem that still allows you to try new products but, not break your bank! I was seriously reconsidering a relaxer because I didn't feel I could afford to maintain my natural hair. I am glad I stuck with it! I agree, that many of the products don't work as well and many of the products come in such small quantities... but that's a entirely different rant! lol

  3. I will admit I'm a product junkie but it's mostly because I like new stuff but I can be on an island with coconut oil,water,Shea butter and aloe Vera juice and have some fly hair dos lol! I try the higher brands in sample size so I can feed my habit and share with my readers but I haven't found a pricey brand so far that's a staple. I do love Shea Moisture but it's not too expensive and it lasts long plus Walgreens likes to do BOGO lol. Great post