Dictionary Unlimited

One of the most confusing things about being natural is learning to speak Naturalista. I had no idea what some of the words, phrases, and acronyms meant. That is the purpose of this page. I wanted to provide a dictionary 'of sorts' that would help you understand the lingo.

1. BC = Big chop getting all of your relaxed ends 'chopped' off.
2. 3c, 4a ect.. = a hair type system that assigns a number/letter combination depending on the curliness/kinkiness of your hair.
3. Co - Wash = washing your hair with conditioner only
4. EVOO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil
5. EVCO = Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
6. Henna = The powdered leaves of a tropical shrub, used as a dye to color the hair.
7. Twist Out = using two strand twists to set the hair, then taking them out to create a curly look. 
8. Braid Out = using any number of braiding techniques to set the hair, then taking it down to create a wavy look.
9. Pre - Poo = using oils, creams, or gels, to moisturize your hair prior to shampooing. 
10. WNG = Wash and Go