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Me 2 Years Natural

2 years Natural
Aww... Sissy!

Sissy freshly washed up... I did a lil something with the front. She wouldn't sit too long.

The finished product! I love it! 

Grease and Water Twists just down.. I hadn't decided what to do at that point..

Freshly washed hair 9 months natural!

As you can see she has some permed ends... I had to fight the urge to chop them! lol

My friend's daughter (we'll call her "A") I braided her natural hair into a faux hawk

Good bye overprocessed hair...

Day After the Big Chop

Cola's First Twists

Cola's Kinky Twists

Sita's Faux Hawk w/ Rod Set

After wearing braids for two months immediately after the BC

My First Puff 6 months natural 

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