Ask a: Natural Teen

In this interview I talked to my 13 year old daughter we'll call her Coco. She has her own blog at

1. How hard was it for you to decide on going natural?
It wasn't very hard because my mom is natural. I already knew it would be kind of hard at first.

2. How did your friends react when you cut got the BC?

The only people who actually saw my hair was my family. I got braids the day after my BC. But, one of my cousins told some of our friends at school. People kept coming up to me asking me if I really cut my hair as short as a boy!

3. What is the easiet aspect of being natural?
So far it doesn't seem  easy at all. 

4. What is the hardest part of being natural? 
I thought my hair would stay as curly as it is when it's wet. It didn't. My hair got super dry when it dried. The hardest thing was finding products that would keep my hair moisturized. That was kind of fun too!

5. Have you encouraged any of your friends or family to go natural?
Not really because that should be their decision. I would be there for  them if they did.

6. How do you feel about yourself now that you are natural? 

I feel proud of myself. I know a lot of kids want to fit in by looking the same but I just want to be me.

7. Did you wear your hair out or did you hide it when you first got your BC?
I hid it for like the first 2 and a half months because I wasn't used to seeing myself with really short hair.

Any last remarks....

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